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Art.1 To whom does this regulation apply?

This regulation covers the use of a children’s bicycle of the Fietsbieb. It is an annex to the membership file that contains all the user’s particulars. The user will report any changes in these personal details to the Fietsbieb.

Art.2 How does one become a member of the Fietsbieb?

You become a Fietsbieb member after signing the membership agreement and paying the membership fee. The membership fee is € 20,00 a year and gives you the right to use one Fietsbieb children’s bicycle for one year.

Art.3 Where do you lend the children’s bicycle and where do you return it?

A bicycle is borrowed and brought back in the lending point of the Fietsbieb of which you are a member. Information regarding the Fietsbieb and the lending points can be found on the website:

Art.4 Can I swap the bicycle?

If you are a Fietsbieb member you can always exchange the children’s bicycle for another bicycle from the assortment of the Fietsbieb of which you are a member.

Art.5 How much is the deposit (warranty)?

Per bicycle you use, you pay a warranty of € 20,00. This deposit will be refunded after timely returning the bicycle in good condition. The deposit will be refunded by bank transfer, after an inspection of the bicycle. To get back the warranty you paid, the bicycle has to be returned ‘in the same condition’.

Art.6 Can I reserve a bicycle?

It is not possible to reserve a bicycle. You make your choice in the Fietsbieb between the range of available bicycles at that moment.

Art.7 Who owns the bicycles?

The Fietsbieb is and remains the owner of the bicycles. Reselling, renting out or mutually exchanging is forbidden.

Art.8 Are the bicycles new?

The bicycles available at the Fietsbieb are not new, but certainly in good order. They are second hand bicycles that have been checked and repaired where necessary. Of course there can be hidden defects present in the children’s bicycle, but every bicycle on loan at the Fietsbieb is ready for use. By signing the membership agreement the user confirms to be duly aware of this.

Art.9 Liability

The user (loaner) is liable for any possible physical and material damage resulting from using the bicycle.

Art.10 Who maintains the bicycle?

During the period you use a Fietsbieb bicycle, you, the user, are responsible for the maintenance of the bicycle and for repairing damage.
Repair costs not attributable to normal wear, but caused by careless usage, vandalism or theft of parts, shall be borne by the user.

Art.11 When do I have to return the bicycle?

The bicycle will be handed over at the latest in the course of the month in which the membership expires to the Fietsbieb that you are a member of. If the bicycle is returned later, the user agreement will be extended with one year by tacit agreement and the user will once more pay a membership fee of € 20,00. In case of early return, the membership fee will not be refunded.

Art.12 What to do in case of theft or loss of the bicycle?

The bicycle is not insured against theft. In case of theft or loss of the bicycle the user will report this both to the local police and the Fietsbieb within two working days. If the bicycle is not retrieved within six months of the declaration date, the value of the bicycle will be charged to the user. A children's bicycle will be billed € 50,00. If no complaint was filed, the Fietsbieb will press charges for theft. In this case too, the value of the bicycle will be charged and promptly billed to the user.

Art.13 What in case of infringements of this regulation?

If there are indications of repeated infringements of this regulation or of other agreements made, the Fietsbieb is authorised to terminate the agreement without notice period nor compensation for the user. In those circumstances the Fietsbieb has the right to refuse access of persons as user to a Fietsbieb.

Art.14 What about the privacy legislation?

The Fietsbieb operates in accordance with the privacy legislation entered into force in Europe since 25.05.2018. Your particulars will be securely kept online. These data will only be used to inform you and for possible contractual and legal obligations. Your particulars will not be shared with a third party. By logging in on the Fietsbieb website you, as a user, can at all times check your data and if necessary modify them.

Art.15 Can this regulation be modified?

This regulation can be fine-tuned and modified by the Fietsbieb.