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A children's bicycle that grows
for only €20 per year


21,000 children's bicycles, 13,000 of which are lent out

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What is the Fietsbieb?

The Fietsbieb is a project of For its operation, the Fietsbieb calls mainly on the commitment of volunteers, active in the local lending points.
As in any sharing system, the Fietsbieb relies on mutual respect, trust and solidarity.

At the Fietsbieb, or Children's Bicycle Library, your can borrow children's bicycles at a very affordable cost.
We have an assortment for children up to 12 years.

For a membership fee of € 20 and a deposit of € 20 you can use a children's bicycle for one year.

Moreover, over the course of that year you can swap the bicycle for a larger one or for another model from our stock.


You can choose a bicycle at one of our lending locations.

After one year you return the bicycle to this lending location.

When you start using the bicycle, it is in tiptop shape.

Maintenance of our bicycles is carried out by volunteers with technical skills.

Is there more than one child in your family who wants to borrow a bicycle?

That's possible! In that case you pay both a one-year subscription and a deposit per bicycle. The deposit will be reimbursed when you return the bicycle in good condition.

You donate your own children's bicycle (14" or larger) to the Fietsbieb?

In exchange you will receive a one-year subscription.

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