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Who organises the Fietsbieb?

The Fietsbieb is a project of For its operation, the Fietsbieb calls mainly on the commitment of volunteers, active in the local lending points.
As in any sharing system, the Fietsbieb relies on mutual respect, trust and solidarity.

How much does a membership of the Fietsbieb (Children's Bicycle Library) cost?

The membership fee: the yearly cost for using a children's bicycle is € 20. Persons donating a children's bicycle in good condition to the Fietsbieb (except a 12" or a walking bike), will receive a free one year membership, or a coupon to be used later or to be given to another person.

The deposit (warranty) amounts to € 20 per children's bicycle. This deposit will be reimbursed when returning the bicycle in time and in good condition (see below). De deposit will be payed back via bank transfer after an inspection of the bicycle.

Consequently, in total you pay € 40 the first time (€ 20 bicycle cost + € 20 deposit).
The following years you only pay the yearly membership fee of € 20.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

During the period you use a Fietsbieb bicycle, you, the user, are responsible for the maintenance of the bicycle and for repairing damage.
Repair costs not attributable to normal wear, but caused by careless usage, vandalism or theft of parts, shall be borne by the user.

This does not apply to costs resulting from normal wear and tear. These costs will be payed by the Fietsbieb.

At the user's expense:

  • A few examples of repairs:
    missing parts (such as mudguards, lights, etc.), problems caused by lack of maintenance or by driving around too long with worn-out parts, pedal free play, broken grips, crooked wheels, forks and stays, etc.
  • Some examples of maintenance:
    inflating the tires, ensuring proper braking and clearly visible and clean reflectors, lubricating the chain, etc.

Can I apply for Fietsbieb membership if I don't live in the municipality where the Fietsbieb is located?

Yes. You can decide for yourself which Fietsbieb you join. Your place of residence does't play any part in this.

Can I switch between Fietsbiebs during my membership?

No. As a user, you join one particular Fietsbieb lending location. This membership can't be transferred to another lending location.

This also means that your bicycle has to be returned to the location where you borrowed it.

Compare it to a regular library: membership of one library doesn't automatically imply membership of another one and your books can only be returned to the library where you borrowed them.

I would like to change Fietsbiebs anyway. What should I do?

You should end your agreement with your current lending location and return your bicycle there. Next, you enter into a new agreement with another lending location.

The remaining duration of an ongoing membership can't be transferred. Consequently, it's best to wait to move to another location untill your current agreement has almost expired.

Is the bicycle I borrow fully in good condition?

Yes. Every children's bicycle that is on loan at the Fietsbieb is all ready for use. The Fietsbieb ensures it meets legal requirements and quality standards.

As a user you should be aware of the fact that these are second-hand bicycles, which means they could have imperfections that are unknown to the Fietsbieb.

As user you yourself are liable for any damage caused by using the bicycle, both physical injury and material damage.

When can I swap bikes?

A children's bicycle can be exchanged for another one from the Fietsbieb's assortment during the term of the agreement. There is no limit on the number of swaps.

When does my membership expire and when do I have to return the bicycle?

The bicycle should be returned at the latest during the month your membership expires.

If you are overdue in returning the bicycle, the agreement will be tacitly renewed for a year and you will have to pay the membership fee of € 20 again. In case of premature return, the membership fee cannot be reimbursed.

What should I keep in mind when returning the bicycle?

The bicycle must be returned in good working order.

'Good working order' means the following:

  • all bicycle parts (f.i. brakes, bell,reflectors, pedals, support wheels if appropriate and other accessories) are present and are working;
  • lights and derailleurs are in working order (if appropriate);
  • the tires are inflated and not punctured;
  • the brake pads are not worn out.

Expenses caused by defects as listed above, will be substracted from the deposit or charged extra.

What should I do when the bicycle is stolen?

The bicycle is not insured against theft.

Theft or loss of the bicycle should be reported both to the local police and to the Fietsbieb within two working days. If the bicycle is not retrieved within six months of the declaration date, the value of the bicycle will be charged to you, the borrower. A children's bicycle will be billed € 50.

In case theft or loss was not reported, the Fietsbieb will file a report to the police and the bicycle's value will be billed to you straight away.